All Radiant Boilers are now

Introducing the Quattro!

QUATTRO voted "Best new product 2023"!

The World’s First Hybrid Condensing Water Heater! IN Stock NOW!

Introducing the Quattro!

All Radiant Boilers are PVC Vent APPROVED!

The World’s First Hybrid Condensing Water Heater!

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The World’s First Hybrid Condensing Water Heater!

The Quattro has arrived! Like the Aqua², the heart of every Quattro Hybrid Condensing Water Heater is the revolutionary Flow-Tech® Heat Exchanger typically found in heating boilers. For the first time ever Radiant has taken boiler technology, applied it to the tankless water heater and added an integrated 40 gallon storage tank! The result is an appliance that offers traditional tank-style delivery, produces huge amounts of hot water , can be vented up to 100’ with 2” PVC, and has a Thermal Efficiency rating of 97% all built in to one tidy Ferrari Red cabinet. Gone are the days of messy wires, freestanding tank clutter, hot water delivery delays, temperature fluctuations, and nuisance service calls. This user and service friendly design performs even better than it looks.

The Aqua² was a great trick, and WE DID IT. The Quattro by Radiant takes water heating to a whole new level!

Don’t settle.

Radiant continuously aims to satisfy the energy needs of our customers, by ceaselessly improving our products, service and organization, while respecting both the environment and our employees.
Our values are based on these core beliefs. We succeed because of our: Customers Employees Relationships with our suppliers Focus on constant innovation and improvement
Radiant is committed it minimize environmental impacts throughout its production and delivery channel. Our production facilities are ISO 14001 certified, and we meet or exceed legislative codes and practices in all our activities. As we continuously improve, we do so with environmental consequences top of mind. We purposely incorporate cleaner technologies into our product development activities and have established contingency plans in the unlikely event of environmental incidents. We take on the responsibility for promoting an understanding of the relevant environmental issues of our business among our employees, contractors and suppliers, as well as providing relevant training to encourage environmental responsibility.
In addition to technical support, training is a cornerstone of our business. We have invested in a state-of-the-art training facility. We offer training courses to meet your needs both at our facility as well as our partners’ locations. We offer an array of training materials, including access to manuals, product specifications, designs, and literature, utilizing hard copy, the internet and e-book technology, where our manuals can be downloaded onto smart phones and tablets. Our fully functional training wall has several Radiant products installed, and fully functioning. This gives the technician the ability to get familiar with the product with hands on experience, and real time trouble shooting. For more information and upcoming training dates, please contact our offices at 905.265.1527 and ask to speak to one of our representatives or email us at
At Radiant, we stick to the real meaning of the word “Partnering”, working closely with our clients to ensure we are always communicating with the main objective at the forefront “Continuous Improvement” constantly looking for ways to make things better. Looking for benefits for both partners and delivering not just what the partner expects, but exceeding those expectations. We add value to partnerships that enable them to grow. A “Radiant” partnership has to work for both partners. Or it’s not a real partnership. At Radiant, we continue to develop an excellent reputation, built solidly around the key requirements of ALL our trade partners, – quality, reliability, energy efficiency and excellent global support services. These are crucial elements that cement the long term nature of commitment, particularly in ensuring continuing high standards of service, maintenance and spares availability, with re-training of local staff where appropriate.

Our Products

We have been at the forefront of heating technology for over 50 years and continue with our product line of condensing or non-condensing boiler technology. Many of our boilers have the built in capability to produce domestic hot water; others can be coupled with indirect hot water tanks to provide it.




Since 1959, Radiant has been on the cutting edge of heat exchanger design. Designing and manufacturing from the ground up, Radiant has built their own heat exchangers in house from day 1. With a constant focus on effi ciency and reliability, the heat exchanger has evolved into the heart found in each Radiant product. The newly introduced Flowtech heat exchanger is made from T316 stainless steel, with a tube diameter of 28mm, which makes for higher efficiency numbers, 97 EF to the 0.954 UEF, less head loss, and easier maintenance. With 57 years of unparalleled experience and know how… the Flowtech heat changer comes with a 10 year, no questions asked warranty.

DIGITECH CS Electronic Card

Designed to be intuitive, simple, and of course functional… the DIGITECH control by RADIANT puts every aspect and function of the unit at your fi ngertips. The controller saves upto 5 error codes, making for an easy trouble shooting experien-ce for your service technician should a problem arise with your Radiant unit. Setting and saving tempera-ture parameters is also a quick and easy procedure on the DIGITECH. The control board is also capable of controlling external sensors, solar panels, and is WIFI capable to be controlled by your smart phone. (sepa-rate module required)

Some Features:

  • Memory on saves and store
  • Up to 5 error codes
  • High level of electrical protection
  • Sophistication and simplicity

Radiant Cloud Warm Boiler Remote Control


Download the free CLOUD WARM APP onto your Smartphone or tablet. Compatible with both ANDROID and iOS, you now have complete and total control over your Radiant product. Temperature settings, parameters, and trouble shooting are all a snap, and controlled with the touch of a button on your hand held device. (separate module required)

Some Features:

  • Simple and intuitive commands
  • Control from your smartphone or tablet, the comfort at home when you are away from home
  • Set daily / weekly schedule
  • Complete boiler control


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The heat energy from the combustion process is transferred to the water as it passes through the 316 stainless steel heat exchanger.  

Radiant Hydronics


RADIANT boilers offer a remarkably high 97% thermal efficiency. This means that $0.97 out of every fuel dollar goes into heating the water, dramatically reducing the operating cost of the equipment. RADA achieves this efficiency through the combination of an advanced fan assisted combustion system and highly durable 316 stainless steel exchanger. A time tested proven combination. The heat energy from the combustion process is transferred to the water as it passes through the 316 stainless steel heat exchanger. The sealed combustion design eliminates external heat losses, this means that the energy dollars heat the water, not the mechanical room. It also ensures that the boiler jacket stays cooler, providing greater safety, and requires less clearance from combustible walls.

Where to buy

Attention: unauthorized distribution or sale of radiant boilers and or radiant related products will not be covered under the warranty agreement whatsoever
Radiant came into being in year 1959, when our founder Mr. Walter Battisti set-up this company meant, at that time, for the assembly of the heavy oil pressure jet burners. Over 60 years later, and thanks to the tremendous drive of the sons Luciano and Paolo, we now manufacture more than 180 different types of boilers: high-tech condensing units, atmospheric units along with solar/heat pumps and tankless water heaters. We proudly export our products to more than 40 countries worldwide, and pride ourselves that our products are still 100% made in Italy. The remarkable strides we have made and continuous efforts in our R & D department have allowed us to develop several products we are proud to call our own. Such technologies include the MULTIPLEX® System, DUOPASS® System, ALLINCLUSIVE® System, DIGITECH® System, and finally our greatest achievement the FLOW-TECH® Heat Exchanger, which are widely known and appreciated around the globe. Recognizing a need, and the potential of North America, Radiant is now available in North America for the first time ever. Our head offices are located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, with independent rep agencies strategically placed in both Canada and the United States. At Radiant North America, we recognize that the journey with our customers begins with products that combine the highest in quality, reliability, longevity and efficiency. But it doesn’t stop there. We also recognize that customers demand value and we work with our trade partners to ensure that they receive the value they expect and are entitled to. This process starts with the initial purchase, and continues throughout the life of the product. The thousands of people involved in producing and delivering a Radiant product to your home or business understand that if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

We have been at the forefront of heating technology for over 50 years and continue with our product line of condensing or non-condensing boiler technology. Many of our boilers have the built in capability to produce domestic hot water; others can be coupled with indirect hot water tanks to provide it.

And now Radiant has gone to the head-of-class offering the world’s most efficient boilers with AFUE ratings up to 96%! Our latest products take efficiency to the next level, coupling the advantages of central boiler systems with the ability to specifically control the level of comfort in individual residential or commercial suites via the Cloudwarm® App. Available for IOS and Android. Floor heating, Hot water on demand, or a traditional radiator… Radiant has a product to fulfill you and your customers needs.

All of our condensing boilers meet California NOx emissions requirements.